I'm bbaaaacckk!

Hi guys! I am so sorry for the neglect. Let me explain how crazy it's been since my last post:

As I got closer to Frank's birthday, Christmas, and the anniversary of his death I started to shut down. I was very zombie-like and only functioning on Safe-Mode. Watching mindless TV for hours with Eric, finishing the Game of Thrones books, mostly journaling in my bujo, and so on. I did fall in love with the Mood Mandala that Kara at Boho Berry discovered from bujo.mama on Instagram, but decided to forgo the spread in February because I'm just trying to find my planning barrings again! I tried to have larger daily spaces that eliminated charting and time tracking within a weekly spread, but I think that may have contributed to my bujostinence. Mainly my low bujo drive was contributed to mental health and grieving relapse. 

I'd like to share what I've learned through my first big 'plan break' since I've started bullet journaling in late August '16: try to do something in it each day, even if it's writing a sentence, checking off something, migrating something, writing a quick note. When I first found bullet journaling, one of my concerns was that I wouldn't STICK to it. How many of you have owned five million journals and each one has one fucking page in it? Lol. I mean that's basically everyone that's ever owned a journal, right? I found that interacting with it, even on a minuscule scale, made me feel like it wasn't a part of my life that I was losing. It was still here, just in the background for the moment. During most of the last 2 months I predominantly only wrote journal entries and made on-the-fly, boring-as-fuck daily layouts as necessary. One day when I'm not lazy I'll do a flip through. 

I presume you don't want to read memoirs of the last two months of my life, so I'll simply give you a highlight from pictures from my phone: