Preliminary Review: Leuchtturm1917

I was originally going to wait until January to start in a Leuchtturm, but I started realizing that some of my brush pens (particularly Tombows) did some weird stuff with the paper in my Moleskine. So although I'm a hearty 60 pages into my Moleskine I decided it would be a good investment to get a Leuchtturm. I even decided to do my Leuchtturm collection in rainbow! I can't wait to have a collection on a shelf... I guess I need to invest in a shelf!

Anyway, today and yesterday I had an extensive playdate with my Leuchtturm by working on my monthly spread. It took so much mental power to decide what to do with the added space (about an inch on each page compared to my Moleskine) and flexibility of the dotted grid. It was very overwhelming. Thankfully my instagram buddy helped me through the harrowing ordeal! Below is the resulting spread:

You would thinking switching from lined to a dotted grid would be a really smooth transition with nothing but good vibes. It really wasn't the case with me. I felt a little intimidated by it and it took me a while to get into the groove of not having to do everything by a ruler measurement. Instead I really only used my ruler as a straight edge. I did my layouts by counting squares in the grid rather than measuring out how much space I had. The dimensions in the boxes on the right came out to be 11x11 squares after I penciled in my lists. In September and October I only had a calendar on my monthly spread. I did the calendar spanning the two pages. I've found in those two months that I don't really use the calendar for anything except seeing my PTSD episodes at a glance and knowing what date it is or coming up or something. So I decided to minimize my calendar in November and maximize to dos and tracking, while steal maintaining the function of my calendar. 

What's the big difference?

Actually it feels hugely different. Most of the time when I am laying out a spread in my Moleskine, I can feel how crooked I'm making the lines. I'm not using a t-square and there's nothing to account for how straight a vertical line is. In the beginning it really bothered me that the lines interfered with the ascetics of my layouts. After a week or two I really stopped noticing them except when I was making the layouts and noticed how impossible it was to have straight lines or even boxes. The paper is also slightly better. Though there is still crazy ghosting, the bleed through from Pentel Touch and Tombow isn't there. Though, with this first layout I was layering colors too quickly and that made some bleed through apparent.

Here is my most recent weekly, all filled up!


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