Cyclists + Cars = Dead People

I just saw on Facebook that another cyclist was fatal struck while crossing in a crosswalk in the county that I live in. I can't tell you how angry this makes me. When the driver in Frank's case went to court the charges were dropped because of a 'technicality in the traffic code' that defines pedestrians as someone on foot. People on bicycle and horse are considered to be in a vehicle and are not protected by the same laws, in the state of Maryland. The prosecutor called me and told me of the situation and we talked at great length on how this  could be remedied. A week before the hearing in Frank's case another cyclist was fatally struck in the same crosswalk as Frank. Now another person at a different crosswalk. Why can't drivers pay attention? I know it's often a two way situation because cyclists can be assholes... but in these cases it was cyclists crossing in a crosswalk, where they are supposed to have right-of-way.

What does it take for someone to step up and make a change in the laws?