How'd You Get Into Bullet Journaling?

Hi! I'm Alyx, as you may have gathered. Often online I go by 'Lyxie', so either one works for me! I'm a 30 year old woman that's been through life's blender: especially in this past year. My tough year has lead to a roller coaster of ups and downs... mostly downs. My deteriorating mental health put huge strains on my boyfriend as he struggled with the helplessness of me being in distress all the time. 

I ran into an article from Buzzfeed, a list of ways a bullet journal is good for mental health, something like that. At the time I was like, 'crazy people and guns and bullets, what?' in hindsight that's a hilarious reaction. I got to researching and read like crazy. I found the usual A-listers, Bullet Journal, Boho Berry, Tiny Ray of Sunshine, Pretty Prints and Paper. Over the course of the first few days of research I kind of felt self conscious and intimidated by how amazing and professional their work is. I read from multiple sources to 'just start' and 'functional is the key' or things to this effect. It took a bit, but I got it drilled into my head and excitedly and nervously decided I would try it (and hopefully) stick with it. 

I went out to lunch with my parents. I don't know why I was in their car and not my own, but I was. I asked them if we could go to Barnes and Noble because they had Moleskines. I assumed I would find a dotted journal that I could start using immediately. I'm super impulsive and am really into immediate gratification. A normal person would've ordered a Leuchttrum 1917 and waited the two days for shipping from Amazon. Not me! We went to Barnes and Noble and I found the Moleskines but they didn't have dotted. A normal person at this point would've most definitely gone the Amazon route or tried to go to a different store later. NOT ME! :P I saw a Game of Thrones journal that had a wolf (Ghost) on it and had to have it. I also got Staedtlers that day. My OCD was really upset about starting at such a weird time. It wasn't at the beginning of a year or even the beginning of a month. It was like... August 24th or something like that.

Anyway. Sorry, bullet journal community. YOU'RE STUCK WITH ME!