Eric is my love. Eric and I have a unique love story. Years ago I used to play a video game called League of Legends. My friends and I would play crazy versions of the game (not as it was intended) and I would stream our crazy antics. At some point Eric was watching my stream. The creepy stalker added me on Facebook! Like what? Weirdo. 

Anyway, so I started talking to him and I straight up told him, "You don't talk enough. If you wanna play with us, you need to talk more -- interact, bro." Over the next week or two we talked more, but he was so... scripted about it? I don't know. He wasn't REAL. And he didn't laugh at me immature innuendo-type jokes. I told him, "Look, if we're going to be friends, you need to take it up a notch and talk more and be more sexual."

It was a gradual process, but he started to open up. We were talking a lot and we started to develop feelings for each other. I was very hesitant about it. Actually, I was very back and forth. I was fine with being impulsive and acting on my feelings and talking to him all the time and being addicted to his energy. And then when it became time to think about a long distance relationship, the commitment, the struggles with that... I started freaking out at him about how we couldn't talk anymore. You know the deal... not wanting the bad stuff, wanting the good stuff.

He showed up at my house really late at night. (I lived at my parents house at the time, but thankfully they're really understanding about my internet friends and all that.) And we hugged and kissed in the freezing cold right in front of his car. He was shivering from nervousness and the cold. His kiss was PERFECT. Just the right amount of peck, just the right amount of tongue. Being in his arms was like putting two puzzle pieces together.

My parents' house is not in good shape, so we couldn't stay there. I'm transparent, but it's not my business to tell. So unfortunately I can't publicly tell the incredible story of growing up the the house I did. But that's a story for another time. We went to a hotel and stayed there for a few days while also doing family things and hanging out together. We did a lot of being together and not needing much else. 

He had to go back to Pennsylvania for a few days, and then come back to me. While he was gone I missed him so much. That was the determining factor of us being a couple. On Christmas Eve I asked him if I could give him one of his Christmas presents early. I then asked him if I could be his girlfriend. He said, 'Really?!' and then tackled me to the bed, or something cute like that. The only annoying thing is that our anniversary is on Christmas Eve and we always miss it because we're wrapping presents for my mom, lol. But also what is open on Christmas Eve?

A mutual friend of ours (one he knows in real life, and one I knew from playing video games with his friends), was talking to both of us throughout the whole ordeal. A real cupid, honestly. I don't know how he dealt with my shit. I don't know how bad Eric was about it. I know I was a nervous, anxious wreck and just wanted all the problems solved right away. At some point he said to me, "You need to think of it this way. Is this something you'll regret if you don't give it the chance? Is it worse to regret not trying or to experience whatever you will together?" Something about however he said it really clicked with me.

A month into this who fling thing, Eric told me that he was driving from Missouri to Pennsylvania to hang out with some of his old guildmates from World of Warcraft for some of his vacation time during the holidays. I'm in Maryland, which is right under Pennsylvania. He decided he would come visit me and we'd see how it would go. He basically swept me off my feet. It was so surreal!

We had Christmas with my family the following day and then the day after that he went home and we started the annoying struggle of having a long distance relationship. Over the course of a year or year and a half we both visited each other twice. The first time I went to visit him it was awesome. We went to a Star Trek Convention! And I went into a board game store for the first time. Also we went to the restaurant called Colton's that I wish we had here. On his first birthday of our relationship I surprised him by visiting him in Missouri. I got all his friends in on it and planned it for like 6 months. It was so wonderful and I'm glad we have this memory together as well as being able to share the video with everyone! Language is NSFW!

Eric and I started 'dating' on December 24th, 2011. He moved here to Maryland to live with me and two more of our gaming buddies, in January 2013. We've lived together ever since. He's been my rock through deaths of loved ones and pets, serious health issues, and mental health issues, and of course all the good stuff too. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. You'll be hearing about him all over my blog, I'm sure! :) Our 7th anniversary is coming up <3