The Nouns

Dynamite Gymnastics Center (Dynamite, DGC)

Dynamite Gymnastics Center is the first athletic center my family started. Over the course of 7 years my family has opened up 3 other places. I don't have a stake in it, I just do their marketing stuff and get to teach and coach kids! It's a lot of fun but can be stressful at times.

The Commune

I don't know how it started, but when my brother bought a house a few years ago and Eric, Brandon, and I moved from our rented townhouse to here, and then shortly had Nick and Patrick move in, and then also had friends over all the time... think frathouse with more nerdly things and less drugs, alcohol, and naked chicks. Then The Commune was born!


Brandon is one of my best friends. He's also my roommate. Brandon and I played League of Legends together for years. Then I offered him a job with my family's company and suggested all of us live in a cool gamer house together. We do, and we've lived together for almost 4 years.

Elena & Dustin

Elena was an acquaintance from high school. Then we connected on Facebook and we're best friends. We bond over being candid adults, being impulsive, our supportive men, board games, and video games! :) Dustin is her husband and we love having them both over as often as possible.


Rae is a very old friend from me being a teenager online. Recently we touched base and she's moving from Ohio to live here with Eric, Brandon, and I! :)

Mom & Dad

My parents are supremely supportive of me and my 'different' lifestyle of finding my best friends online and living life through video games, etc. They did this in the late 90s before it was a thing to live online. They also take in the strangers I bring is as their own. 


Gio is like family to us at The Commune. He is a coworker who comes over at least once a week. He's a part of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign on Wednesday nights and is the 'dad joke' master.


Patrick is an ex-roommate and ex-coworker. Don't worry, he didn't leave either situation on bad terms. Patrick is a Commune alum and knows what it is to live in this house full of nerdiness and camaraderie. He comes over once a week for Dungeons and Dragons and/or board games.