Lyxie, etc.

Hi, I'm Alyx.



Hey there! My name is Alyx. I'm from the D.C. Metropolitan area and live with my boyfriend, our best friend, his girlfriend, and my brother (who we rent from). My 19-year-old niece lives in our guest room during the summer and weekends. We have two dogs and a leopard gecko. Our house is affectionately called "The Commune". We jovially play video games and table top games together. Of course we're like every other group of nerds who have issues consistently scheduling D&D! We all work at my family's gymnastics center in Rockville, MD.

Fancy Seeing
You Here.

I'm a 31-year-old woman renting instead of buying, working instead of rearing children, working for family instead of using my education for a 'real job'. Don't get me wrong. If I had money for it, I'd have a mortgage and children. Go figure, I'm like every other twenty something in the United States. Plus, I'm pretty financially irresponsible and an incredibly impulsive spender!


Nice To

I am known for being outgoing, quirky, creative, and bluntly honest. I'm very vocal in my journey with mental health. I love to speak my mind and do everything I can to make the listener/reader better understand where I'm coming from. I've always dabbled in writing and have had various things push me towards hunkering down and starting this thing! I will be writing about a plethora of topics... so, take your pick!

I grew up on the internet starting from 14 (and boy, do I have!). I'm not one of those who doesn't know how to interact with others in the real world... but I do prefer communication that is text based with people I met online. I find I have more time to collect my thoughts. They're generally too fast for my mouth to formulate properly. There's no time to edit something once you've already said it, yanno?